WindowInterface Class Reference

Wrappable core window functions. More...

#include <window.h>

Inherits WrapableInterface< CompWindow, WindowInterface >.

Inherited by WrapableHandler< WindowInterface, 15 >.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void getOutputExtents (CompWindowExtents &output)
virtual void getAllowedActions (unsigned int &setActions, unsigned int &clearActions)
virtual bool focus ()
virtual void activate ()
virtual bool place (CompPoint &pos)
virtual void validateResizeRequest (unsigned int &mask, XWindowChanges *xwc, unsigned int source)
virtual void resizeNotify (int dx, int dy, int dwidth, int dheight)
virtual void moveNotify (int dx, int dy, bool immediate)
virtual void windowNotify (CompWindowNotify n)
virtual void grabNotify (int x, int y, unsigned int state, unsigned int mask)
virtual void ungrabNotify ()
virtual void stateChangeNotify (unsigned int lastState)
virtual void updateFrameRegion (CompRegion &region)
virtual bool alpha ()
virtual bool isFocussable ()

Detailed Description

Wrappable core window functions.

Derive from this class and overload these functions in order to have your function called after a core CompWindow function is called with the same name.

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