ScreenInterface Class Reference

Interface to an abstract screen. More...

#include <screen.h>

Inherits WrapableInterface< CompScreen, ScreenInterface >.

Inherited by WrapableHandler< ScreenInterface, 18 >.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void fileWatchAdded (CompFileWatch *fw)
virtual void fileWatchRemoved (CompFileWatch *fw)
virtual bool initPluginForScreen (CompPlugin *p)
virtual void finiPluginForScreen (CompPlugin *p)
virtual bool setOptionForPlugin (const char *plugin, const char *name, CompOption::Value &v)
virtual void sessionEvent (CompSession::Event event, CompOption::Vector &options)
virtual void handleEvent (XEvent *event)
virtual void handleCompizEvent (const char *plugin, const char *event, CompOption::Vector &options)
virtual bool fileToImage (CompString &path, CompSize &size, int &stride, void *&data)
virtual bool imageToFile (CompString &path, CompString &format, CompSize &size, int stride, void *data)
virtual CompMatch::ExpressionmatchInitExp (const CompString &value)
virtual void matchExpHandlerChanged ()
virtual void matchPropertyChanged (CompWindow *window)
virtual void logMessage (const char *componentName, CompLogLevel level, const char *message)
virtual void enterShowDesktopMode ()
virtual void leaveShowDesktopMode (CompWindow *window)
virtual void outputChangeNotify ()
virtual void addSupportedAtoms (std::vector< Atom > &atoms)

Detailed Description

Interface to an abstract screen.
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