CompWindow Class Reference

An Window object that wraps an X window. More...

#include <window.h>

Inherits WrapableHandler< WindowInterface, 15 >, and PluginClassStorage.

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef boost::function< void(CompWindow *) ForEach )
typedef std::map< Window,
CompWindow * > 

Public Member Functions

 CompWindow (Window id, Window aboveId)
Geometrygeometry () const
 Geometry retrieved from the last ConfigureNotify event received.
int x () const
int y () const
CompPoint pos () const
int width () const
int height () const
CompSize size () const
GeometryserverGeometry () const
 Geometry last sent to the server.
int serverX () const
int serverY () const
CompPoint serverPos () const
int serverWidth () const
int serverHeight () const
const CompSize serverSize () const
CompRect inputRect () const
CompRect serverInputRect () const
CompRect outputRect () const
CompRect serverOutputRect () const
Window id ()
Window frame ()
CompString resName ()
const CompRegionregion () const
const CompRegionframeRegion () const
void updateFrameRegion ()
void setWindowFrameExtents (CompWindowExtents *input)
unsigned int & wmType ()
unsigned int type ()
unsigned int & state ()
unsigned int actions ()
unsigned int & protocols ()
void close (Time serverTime)
bool inShowDesktopMode ()
void setShowDesktopMode (bool)
bool managed ()
bool grabbed ()
int pendingMaps ()
unsigned int activeNum ()
int mapNum () const
CompStrutsstruts ()
int & saveMask ()
XWindowChanges & saveWc ()
void moveToViewportPosition (int x, int y, bool sync)
char * startupId ()
unsigned int desktop ()
Window clientLeader (bool checkAncestor=false)
void changeState (unsigned int newState)
void recalcActions ()
void recalcType ()
void updateWindowOutputExtents ()
void destroy ()
void sendConfigureNotify ()
void sendSyncRequest ()
XSyncAlarm syncAlarm ()
void map ()
void unmap ()
void incrementUnmapReference ()
void incrementDestroyReference ()
bool hasUnmapReference ()
bool resize (XWindowAttributes)
bool resize (Geometry)
bool resize (int x, int y, int width, int height, int border=0)
void move (int dx, int dy, bool immediate=true)
void syncPosition ()
void moveInputFocusTo ()
void moveInputFocusToOtherWindow ()
void configureXWindow (unsigned int valueMask, XWindowChanges *xwc)
void moveResize (XWindowChanges *xwc, unsigned int xwcm, int gravity, unsigned int source)
void raise ()
void lower ()
void restackAbove (CompWindow *sibling)
void restackBelow (CompWindow *sibling)
void updateAttributes (CompStackingUpdateMode stackingMode)
void hide ()
void show ()
void minimize ()
void unminimize ()
void maximize (unsigned int state=0)
CompPoint defaultViewport ()
CompPointinitialViewport () const
CompIcongetIcon (int width, int height)
const CompRecticonGeometry () const
int outputDevice ()
void setDesktop (unsigned int desktop)
bool onCurrentDesktop ()
bool onAllViewports ()
CompPoint getMovementForOffset (CompPoint offset)
Window transientFor ()
int pendingUnmaps ()
bool minimized ()
bool placed ()
bool shaded ()
CompWindowExtentsinput () const
CompWindowExtentsoutput () const
XSizeHints & sizeHints () const
bool destroyed ()
bool invisible ()
bool syncWait ()
bool alive ()
bool overrideRedirect ()
bool isMapped () const
bool isViewable () const
int windowClass ()
unsigned int depth ()
unsigned int mwmDecor ()
unsigned int mwmFunc ()
bool constrainNewWindowSize (int width, int height, int *newWidth, int *newHeight)
bool updateStruts ()
 WRAPABLE_HND (0, WindowInterface, void, getOutputExtents, CompWindowExtents &)
 WRAPABLE_HND (1, WindowInterface, void, getAllowedActions, unsigned int &, unsigned int &)
 WRAPABLE_HND (2, WindowInterface, bool, focus)
 WRAPABLE_HND (3, WindowInterface, void, activate)
 WRAPABLE_HND (4, WindowInterface, bool, place, CompPoint &)
 WRAPABLE_HND (5, WindowInterface, void, validateResizeRequest, unsigned int &, XWindowChanges *, unsigned int)
 WRAPABLE_HND (6, WindowInterface, void, resizeNotify, int, int, int, int)
 WRAPABLE_HND (7, WindowInterface, void, moveNotify, int, int, bool)
 WRAPABLE_HND (8, WindowInterface, void, windowNotify, CompWindowNotify)
 WRAPABLE_HND (9, WindowInterface, void, grabNotify, int, int, unsigned int, unsigned int)
 WRAPABLE_HND (10, WindowInterface, void, ungrabNotify)
 WRAPABLE_HND (11, WindowInterface, void, stateChangeNotify, unsigned int)
 WRAPABLE_HND (12, WindowInterface, void, updateFrameRegion, CompRegion &)
 WRAPABLE_HND (13, WindowInterface, bool, alpha)
 WRAPABLE_HND (14, WindowInterface, bool, isFocussable)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int constrainWindowState (unsigned int state, unsigned int actions)
static unsigned int allocPluginClassIndex ()
static void freePluginClassIndex (unsigned int index)

Public Attributes



class CompScreen


class  Geometry
 A mutable object about the dimensions and location of a CompWindow. More...

Detailed Description

An Window object that wraps an X window.

This handles snychronization of window state, geometry, etc. between Compiz and the X server.

Member Function Documentation

Geometry& CompWindow::geometry (  )  const

Geometry retrieved from the last ConfigureNotify event received.

Geometry& CompWindow::serverGeometry (  )  const

Geometry last sent to the server.

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