CompScreen Class Reference

A wrapping of the X display screen. More...

#include <screen.h>

Inherits CompSize, WrapableHandler< ScreenInterface, 18 >, PluginClassStorage, and CompOption::Class.

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef void * GrabHandle

Public Member Functions

bool init (const char *name)
void eventLoop ()
CompFileWatchHandle addFileWatch (const char *path, int mask, FileWatchCallBack callBack)
void removeFileWatch (CompFileWatchHandle handle)
const CompFileWatchList & getFileWatches () const
CompWatchFdHandle addWatchFd (int fd, short int events, FdWatchCallBack callBack)
void removeWatchFd (CompWatchFdHandle handle)
void storeValue (CompString key, CompPrivate value)
bool hasValue (CompString key)
CompPrivate getValue (CompString key)
void eraseValue (CompString key)
Display * dpy ()
CompOption::Vector & getOptions ()
bool setOption (const CompString &name, CompOption::Value &value)
bool XRandr ()
int randrEvent ()
bool XShape ()
int shapeEvent ()
int syncEvent ()
SnDisplay * snDisplay ()
Window activeWindow ()
Window autoRaiseWindow ()
const char * displayString ()
CompWindowfindWindow (Window id)
CompWindowfindTopLevelWindow (Window id, bool override_redirect=false)
bool readImageFromFile (CompString &name, CompSize &size, void *&data)
bool writeImageToFile (CompString &path, const char *format, CompSize &size, void *data)
unsigned int getWindowProp (Window id, Atom property, unsigned int defaultValue)
void setWindowProp (Window id, Atom property, unsigned int value)
unsigned short getWindowProp32 (Window id, Atom property, unsigned short defaultValue)
void setWindowProp32 (Window id, Atom property, unsigned short value)
Window root ()
int xkbEvent ()
XWindowAttributes attrib ()
int screenNum ()
CompWindowList & windows ()
void warpPointer (int dx, int dy)
Time getCurrentTime ()
Window selectionWindow ()
void forEachWindow (CompWindow::ForEach)
void focusDefaultWindow ()
void insertWindow (CompWindow *w, Window aboveId)
void unhookWindow (CompWindow *w)
Cursor normalCursor ()
Cursor invisibleCursor ()
GrabHandle pushGrab (Cursor cursor, const char *name)
void updateGrab (GrabHandle handle, Cursor cursor)
void removeGrab (GrabHandle handle, CompPoint *restorePointer)
bool otherGrabExist (const char *,...)
bool grabExist (const char *)
const CompWindowVector & clientList (bool stackingOrder=true)
bool addAction (CompAction *action)
void removeAction (CompAction *action)
void updateWorkarea ()
void toolkitAction (Atom toolkitAction, Time eventTime, Window window, long data0, long data1, long data2)
void runCommand (CompString command)
void moveViewport (int tx, int ty, bool sync)
void sendWindowActivationRequest (Window id)
int outputDeviceForPoint (int x, int y)
int outputDeviceForPoint (const CompPoint &point)
CompRect getCurrentOutputExtents ()
const CompRectgetWorkareaForOutput (unsigned int outputNum) const
void viewportForGeometry (const CompWindow::Geometry &gm, CompPoint &viewport)
int outputDeviceForGeometry (const CompWindow::Geometry &gm)
CompPoint vp ()
CompSize vpSize ()
int desktopWindowCount ()
unsigned int activeNum () const
CompOutput::vector & outputDevs ()
CompOutputcurrentOutputDev () const
const CompRectworkArea () const
unsigned int currentDesktop ()
unsigned int nDesktop ()
CompActiveWindowHistorycurrentHistory ()
bool shouldSerializePlugins ()
const CompRegionregion () const
bool hasOverlappingOutputs ()
CompOutputfullscreenOutput ()
std::vector< XineramaScreenInfo > & screenInfo ()
CompIcondefaultIcon () const
bool updateDefaultIcon ()
void updateSupportedWmHints ()
 WRAPABLE_HND (2, ScreenInterface, bool, initPluginForScreen, CompPlugin *) WRAPABLE_HND(3
CompPluginWRAPABLE_HND (4, ScreenInterface, bool, setOptionForPlugin, const char *, const char *, CompOption::Value &) WRAPABLE_HND(5
CompPlugin CompOption::Vector & WRAPABLE_HND (7, ScreenInterface, void, handleCompizEvent, const char *, const char *, CompOption::Vector &) WRAPABLE_HND(8
CompPlugin CompOption::Vector
CompString CompSize int void *& 
WRAPABLE_HND (9, ScreenInterface, bool, imageToFile, CompString &, CompString &, CompSize &, int, void *)
 WRAPABLE_HND (10, ScreenInterface, CompMatch::Expression *, matchInitExp, const CompString &)
 WRAPABLE_HND (12, ScreenInterface, void, matchPropertyChanged, CompWindow *) WRAPABLE_HND(13
const char const char * WRAPABLE_HND (14, ScreenInterface, void, enterShowDesktopMode)
 WRAPABLE_HND (15, ScreenInterface, void, leaveShowDesktopMode, CompWindow *)
 WRAPABLE_HND (16, ScreenInterface, void, outputChangeNotify)
 WRAPABLE_HND (17, ScreenInterface, void, addSupportedAtoms, std::vector< Atom > &atoms)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int allocPluginClassIndex ()
static void freePluginClassIndex (unsigned int index)
static bool showDesktop (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool windowMenu (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool closeWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool unmaximizeWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool minimizeWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool maximizeWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool maximizeWinHorizontally (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool maximizeWinVertically (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool raiseWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool lowerWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool toggleWinMaximized (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool toggleWinMaximizedHorizontally (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool toggleWinMaximizedVertically (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static bool shadeWin (CompAction *action, CompAction::State state, CompOption::Vector &options)
static void compScreenSnEvent (SnMonitorEvent *event, void *userData)
static int checkForError (Display *dpy)

Public Attributes

CompPlugin void
CompPlugin sessionEvent
CompPlugin CompOption::Vector & ScreenInterface
CompPlugin CompOption::Vector bool
CompPlugin CompOption::Vector fileToImage
const char CompLogLevel


class CompTimer
class CompWindow
class ModifierHandler

Detailed Description

A wrapping of the X display screen.

This takes care of communication to the X server.

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