CompOption::Value Class Reference

A value of an Option. More...

#include <option.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< ValueVector

Public Member Functions

 Value (const Value &)
 Value (const bool b)
 Value (const int i)
 Value (const float f)
 Value (const unsigned short *color)
 Value (const CompString &s)
 Value (const char *s)
 Value (const CompMatch &m)
 Value (const CompAction &a)
 Value (Type type, const Vector &l)
Type type () const
void set (const bool b)
void set (const int i)
void set (const float f)
void set (const unsigned short *color)
void set (const CompString &s)
void set (const char *s)
void set (const CompMatch &m)
void set (const CompAction &a)
void set (Type type, const Vector &l)
bool b ()
int i ()
float f ()
unsigned short * c ()
CompString s ()
CompMatchmatch ()
CompActionaction ()
Type listType ()
Vector & list ()
bool operator== (const Value &val)
bool operator!= (const Value &val)
Valueoperator= (const Value &val)
 operator bool ()
 operator int ()
 operator float ()
 operator unsigned short * ()
 operator CompString ()
 operator CompMatch & ()
 operator CompAction & ()
 operator CompAction * ()
 operator Type ()
 operator Vector & ()

Detailed Description

A value of an Option.
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