Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CompActionContext of an event occuring
CompActiveWindowHistoryInformation about the last activity with a window
CompFileWatchInformation needed to invoke a CallBack when a file changes
CompIconWraps an application icon pixel map and it's meta information (such as dimensions)
CompMatchObject which represents a series of window properties that can be matched in a window
CompOptionA configuration option with boolean, int, float, String, Color, Key, Button, Edge, Bell, or List
CompOption::ValueA value of an Option
CompOutputRepresents a phisically attached screen in Compiz, where this phisical screen is part of an X11 screen in a configuration such as Xinerama, XRandR, TwinView or MergedFB
CompPluginBase plug-in interface for Compiz
CompPlugin::cmpStrInterface for matching plugins by name
CompPlugin::VTableForScreen< T >TODO (or not?)
CompPlugin::VTableForScreenAndWindow< T, T2 >TODO (or not?)
CompPointA 2D coordinate (likely in screen space) that can only be mutated through set() methods, since it's data members are private
CompRectA 2D rectangle, which is likely in screen space
CompRegionA 2D region with an (x,y) position and arbitrary dimensions similar to an XRegion
CompScreenA wrapping of the X display screen
CompSizeA 2D size (likely in screen space) that can only be mutated with set() methods, since it'd data members are private
CompStrutsSpecifies the area of the screen taken up by strut windows
CompTimerA simple timer for use with invoking a CallBack during a timed duration
CompWindowAn Window object that wraps an X window
CompWindow::GeometryA mutable object about the dimensions and location of a CompWindow
CompWindowExtentsSpecifies the left, right, top and bottom positions of a window's geometry
ModifierHandlerToplevel class which provides access to display level modifier information
PluginClassIndexRepresents the index of a plugin's object classes
PluginClassStorageRepresents some storage of a plugin class on a core object, usually some pointer (void *)
ScreenInterfaceInterface to an abstract screen
WindowInterfaceWrappable core window functions

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